Wood burning stove with  vision

Wood burning stove with  vision never goes out of style. Freestanding stoves are an alternative for the conventional fireplace inserts. Due to its moderate dimensions and flexibility of installation  such stoves may be used even in small rooms.

THe Oval Freestanding wood burning stove is a modell  with a semi round glass that creates a unique impression. The compact and timeless steel construction of the stove is geared at interiors with exceptional design. Cylindrical shape guarantees the possibility of installing the stove for those who do not have a large space in their disposal.  

¡The OVAL wood burner has a minimalist design with an artistic vision.

It has a wide and deep interieur which allow to introduce big logs.   It is also possible to introduce the air into the furnace from the bottom or side and it is possible to adjust the stove from 20 to 40 mm (apart from TOP stoves

Wood burning stove description;

  • 3,6 – 10,8 kW
  • Energy efficiency class; A
  • Flue diameter: 150 mm
  • 75,5%
  • CO emmision: (13% O2) 0,09%
  • Flue gas temperature: 310°C
  • Chimney draught: 12±2 Pa
  • Maximum log length: 400 mm
  • Air intake diameter: 125 mm
  • ~175 kg