Bioethanol Stove burner fire, clean and efficient.

In the current energy crisis, controlling the cost of heating a home has never been more important. There has been a huge resurgence in demand for wood burning stoves as consumers try to reduce their dependence on public utilities.  

Another new and exciting solution is to install a Bioethanol fire. It is a clean and simple to install option, with no need for a flue or working chimney.  An ethanol fire is an ecologically friendly and efficient form of heating that can be used almost anywhere.

Emulating the appearance of a conventional wood burning stove with mesmerising flames and a heat output of up to 3.5kw, an ethanol stove is the perfect alternative for those not wishing to lay and tend a wood fire.

A Bioethanol fire is a cleaner, safer, more eco-friendly way to enjoy a real fire in the home. The fuel doesn’t emit smoke or fumes, so you don’t need a chimney. 

The Ethanol fireplace (also bio-ethanol fireplacebio fireplace), are a type of fireplaces which burns ethanol fuel. They are often installed without a chimney. The Ethanol for these fires is often marketed as bioethanol (Ethanol is produced from biomass).

The Salisbury Bioethanol stove is a new model for people who like to have a ecologically friendly and efficient form of heating, it can be use anywhere providing electricity supply or bateries are available.

Bioethanol fireplaces are simple to set up – just unpack it, fill it with bioethanol fuel, and enjoy a real flame within minutes. Or consider a burner model – it will only take an hour or so to fit.

Do Bioethanol fireplaces require a chimney or flue?

No, Bioethanol fireplaces don’t give off fumes or smoke, so you don’t need a flue or a chimney. However, you can install a false flue to contribute to the traditional aesthetic of your fireplace. However, it’s always a good idea to ensure that there’s adequate ventilation throughout your home – just to keep the air fresh.

Ambifuego proudly offer the Bioethanol Stove burner fire Salisbury.

This model has a new level for the performance and use of Ethanol with state of the art technology in terms of safety, functionality and efficiency Unique features include a patented combustion process that allows a burn time of 11 ½ hours without the need to re-fuel and approval for installation in rooms much smaller than those required from other manufacturer of ethanol products


  • Bioethanol stove clean efficient with a  living flame fire.
  • No chimney or flue required.
  • Fully remote controlled.
  • 100% energy efficient.
  • Automatic ignition with the remote control.
  • A heat output of up to 3.5kw max.  2,5 kW on low.
  • Consumption on Low; 0,3 Litres per hour.
  • Consumption on High; 0,45 Litres per hour.
  • Fuel Tank Volume capacity; 3,5 Litres.
  • Pump operated automatic re-fuelling system   -(Odourless in operation (unlike other ethanol burners)
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