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Manufacturer gas electric fires,  Ambifuego is a company with more than 28 years of experience in the heating sector, offering the best solution and advice to our clients. We are manufacturer and also importers and distributors of quality gas fires, electric fireplaces, wood and pellets fireplaces and stoves.

First of all our products are of European manufacture, therefore of quality. Secondly we are distributors with a network of 250 professionals throughout the Spanish geography and what’s more, we have our own technical team that checks the products before they leave our warehouses.

Above all, what for us is important is a proper installation and the quality of the product. In fact, it guarantees a long life of the chimney and naturally an optimal and efficient performance.

Manufacturer gas electric fires in Spain

In fact, our collection range include gas, electric fireplaces, high-quality wood-burning fireplaces, pellets stoves, barbecue and outdoor heating products. Therefore, as a distributor of fireplaces in Spain of European brands, we are sure of the quality of our products.

In fact, before going on the market, these products undergo rigorous quality controls. Naturally, in our catalogs you will find a wide range of fireplaces and miscellaneous items. Therefore, you have the option of choosing fireplaces or stoves with an open or sealed smoke outlet. In fact, unlike traditional fireplaces, balanced flue fireplaces are much easier to install. If you do not have a chimney with a open flue a balanced flue can be install in almost all places. 

Currently, in addition to gas, pellets, wood, bioethanol and electric fireplaces, we also have; barbecues and gas pizza ovens using wood or gas combustible.

As manufacturer of gas fires in Spain, we can offer one of the widdest collection of chimney and fireplaces in Spain.  Just come around and have a look at our extense showroom!

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