Stainless steel healty wok, one of the most versatile cooking pans in the world, the simple design of woks originated in China and are now used the world over. They come in a variety of materials and forms, but the signature style of these round cooking pans is as useful as it is recognizable.

With strong Asian roots, the wok dates all the way back to the Chinese Han dynasty. Traditionally it is a round-bottomed, high-walled pan, although flat-bottomed versions for barbecue are gaining popularity. It is commonly designed with either two side handles or one long handle.

Benefits of a Wok

A wok, as opposed to a traditional frying pan, distributes heat a lot more evenly. This occurs because of the concave shape with sloping sides, as well as the nature of the material woks are made of. With better heat distribution you receive less hot/cold spots, and ensure that everything in the wok is finished cooking at the same time. Also, because of its shape, tossing food such as stir fry is a lot simpler and allows for the ingredients to fall back into the wok.

What is a stainless steel wok ysed For?

While most commonly used for stir fry, a wok has an array of different potential uses because of its unique design. 

Stainless Steel Woks

Stainless steel is a very durable material that also gives off a professional appearance. It is a lot less porous than cast iron or carbon steel, so it is not as vital to season for optimal performance. It is also easy to clean as it has a naturally smooth surface

Create outdoor flavour while stir-frying on your grill. The perforated design lets your stir-fly vegetables, shrimp, scallops, chicken wings and meats without added fat.

Easy to clean, stainless steel healty wok with rolled handles for and easy and secure grip.  30 x 30 x 5 cm.