estufa pequeña pellet mini

estufa pequeña pellet mini


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Pellet burner model MINI,  embellished with wooden feet and a “magic” glass. Through the display settings it is possible tomanage all operations so this stove fits perfectly the modern lifestyle. It is suitable for all environments and maintains the ecological and energy saving standards.

Pellet burner model Mini, energy efficient?

Pellet stoves represent an incredibly energy efficient way of keeping your home heated. This is because wood pellets have a very low moisture content, meaning they give off a large amount of heat.  Not only is the fuel source highly efficient, but the pellet stoves are too. Because they are typically fitted with an array of sensors, they ensure that fuel is only added to the combustion chamber when it is absolutely necessary. 

As we mentioned above, the very best pellet stove models can achieve an efficiency factor of over 90%.

How do pellet stoves work?

Pellet stoves function in a very different way to traditional wood burning stoves. Pellet stoves make use of modern mechanical and electronic components to create a highly-efficient and controllable form of home heating. 

Your standard pellet stove will operate in the following way:

  • Once plugged into an electricity socket the pellet stove can be turned on
  • Operation begins when the ignition has been hit. The fuel pellets which are stored in the storage container (also known as the fuel hopper) are moved within the stove to the combustion chamber. The pellets are moved using a mechanised screw auger.
  • As the pellets burn in the combustion chamber (as a real fire), the resultant smoke and combustibles will be removed using an extractor.
  • This waste air is moved, via the extractor, through a flue and out into the air outside your home
  • This movement of smoke creates negative pressure, which pulls fresh air into the combustion chamber, thus feeding the fire. Fresh air is either pulled into the stove from your living room, or from outside via a duct (depending on the model of stove).
  • Warm air from the fire in the combustion chamber travels out into the room via convection. 

What really makes pellet stoves special is the fact that all of the above processes are monitored and carried out via a series of temperature and pressure sensors. 

  • Pellet stove burner mini with steel finish
  • Magic glass, looks black when off
  • Reduced depth
  • Side opening
  • Upper or rear smoke outlet
  • Cast airon brasier
  • Steel combustion chamber
  • Colours: Burgundy, Ivory ,Black, Rust
  • Output min. – max.; 2,6 – 4,9 kW
  • Efficiency: 90,2%
  • Tank capacity: 10kg
  • Consumption kg / h: 0.55 min. / 1. max.
  • Autonomie: mi. 11 hours – max. 20 hours
  • Diameter of smoke outlet pipe: 80mm
  • Weight: 35kg
  • Remote control/ Wifi : optional
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