Living flame gasfire Sevilla 22”

Gas fire living flame


Gas fire living flame, Sevilla 22 “ is an open living flame one of the most energy efficient fires available.

There´s nothing better than a live open flame gas fire to create a focal point for any room. This style open gas fireplace, without a glass front, adds to the overall atmosphere within a room a cosy and warm ambience when sitting down to watch TV or read a book in your living room.  Open gas fires are also very easy to control with instant lighting and a control system to increase or decrease the heat output.

Does a living flame gas fire need a chimney?

The main feature of these gas fires is for decorative purposes only and they are very realistic, when they have fully warmed up all the fibre coals glow and the flames will  move around  like  a traditional  wood burning fire without the smell and crackling though.
Living flame gas fires are for decorative use more than a main heating appliance. Anyway Sevilla 22″ decorative gas fires have a heat output of around 5,5 kw so you will get heat off enough to heat an medium sized room  of its own accord (aprox. 50 m²).

  • Gas fire LPG – Propane
  • Open living flame gas fire
  • to be install in existing or new chimneys
  • Natural gas or propane
  • Open flue
  • High quality aerial burner
  • Ceramic panels and coals
  • Piezo electric  ignition
  • Security system O.D.S.
  • Interchangeable magnetic frame
  • Net power: 5.5 Kw / h
  • Does not admit 90º elbows
  • Manual or with remote control
  • *More information – CatalogueVideo