Kalido – Gas fire small

kalido chimenea gas - turbinas.gas inset fire fan-assisted

kalido chimenea gas – turbinas.gas inset fire fan-assisted

A  gas fire or a wood burner insert?
If you’re looking to upgrade your fireplace or are home-shopping, and are not sure a gas-fire-insert-fan-assisted is a good option. If you don’t want to regret your fireplace of choice after owning it for several years. A gas-fire-insert-fan-assisted or a wood burner, is a decision that will affects your wallet, your air quality, and the world around you.

Gas fire or wood? That is the question that divides us. 

Gas fire insert fan-assisted will heat a room in a shorter time than wood ones. You just flip a switch, and the fire’s on. No finding wood to buy or chop, nor lugging it in the house. An of course, no  kindling to deal with, or matches, or newspapers. And little to no cleaning – in your home or in a chimney (and you don’t even need a chimney for gas, just a vent – more on that in a bit).

So if your life is very busy and you just want the warmth or beauty of a fireplace without the hassle, gas is a no-brainer.

To sum it up really simply I guess.  An insert goes into a fireplace that you already have.  If you don’t want a construction project and you want heat you are after an insert.  If you don’t have a fireplace in the home or you want to remove and entirely replace the existing one (tear open the wall, remove tile, drywall, paint, etc.) then you need a new fireplace.

This gas-fire-insert-fan-assisted, is actually a great, energy-efficient product to heat your home

Gas fireplaces give you the option to have a fire which will work with just a click.  Unlike a traditional wood-burning stove, gas fireplaces are often temperature controlled with a thermostat. You will get a atmosphere of real fire, but the convenience of gas 

We present our small  gas fire insert fan-assisted are just the inspiration we need to create those optimum hygge conditions even when space is tight. A gas fires offering a modern and contemporary look to your home with plenty of style, warmth and cosiness for the winter evenings.

Kalido insert (conventional flue) is a gas-fire-insert-fan-assisted, suitable to be installed into a standard chimney breast, with the options of a plain black smooth or classic brick interior.

There are also other hight efficiency gas fires wich are balanced flue. The flames are lifelike with decorative ceramics logs.

  • Glass fronted gas fire fan assisted.
  • Compatible with existing chimneys.
  • Gas natural or LPG.
  • Open flue / Open combustion.
  • Fan assisted.
  • Manual or remote control.
  • High quality burner.
  • Piezo – electric ignition.
  • Security system O.D.S.
  • Interior panels black or black brick.
  • Anthracite or black frame.
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  • Instructions