A portable stove is a cooking stove specially designed to be easily transportable means of cooking or heating is needed.  Garden Stove And Outdoor Grill is a model ideal for gardens and outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Garden Stove-Barbeque-Grill

Can you use a wood burning stove outside?
Yes – you can put them anywhere in your garden. Wood burning stoves can be placed on patio or decking outside. Wood burning stoves are a great addition to any outdoor space. As long as you have the correct fittings and a sound chimney, your stove can be placed anywhere. Today we are offering you a stove model with a very easy way to use. You just need a place outdoor and dried wood.

ESSE Garden Stove brings high quality British cast iron woodburning to your Garden. The ESSE Garden Wood-burning stove features a handy cook top to enjoy some wood-fired & cast iron cooking from your very own garden.

A new introduction from ESSE  was designed specifically with lockdown in mind to bring some enjoyment to the home. The ESSE Garden stove is for outdoor use only and a dedicated woodburner, ideal to take the chill off a spring afternoon

The new Esse Garden stove is an enclosed wood-burning stove designed for the outdoors. Enjoy your favourite garden corner long into the evening with this excellent log burner to warm you.

Lift the hotplate top, and there’s a grill to cook your BBQ snacks or leave it down for pans or kettles.

The detachable wheels make it easy to move into the shed or garage once it’s cooled.  After use, once it has cooled down and cleaned, it can be moved undercover to protect it from the elements. We recommend flax oil to protect the product.

This Garden Stove is hand-built by Esse in Great Britain using UK steel, UK cast parts and is complete with supplied flue pipe.

dimensiones-Estufa -barbacoa-jardin-portable-Garden Stove Outdoor Grill

Estufa -barbacoa-jardin-portable- Garden Stove Outdoor Grill